3 Safety Tips When Moving Into a New Home

Purchasing your first home can be one of the most exciting moments in your life so far, but it’s important you take all the proper safety precautions as you do it. While there are dozens of things you could do to make your new living space safer, the following are three you should do right away.

Change the Locks

Sometimes the previous owner just hands over the keys and the new homeowners use the same locks that were already on the doors. While this may seem fine because you trust the previous owners, you never know who had a spare key, whether someone stole a key or who is going to have access to your home. Hire residential and commercial locksmith services Orlando to have all the locks in your home changed. Be sure you catch the garage door, and if you have any outbuildings, those locks should be changed as well.

Locate the Fuse Box

You don’t want to go on a search for the fuse box when you have some type of power outage. When your home is getting inspected, you could speak with the inspector about where the fuse box is. If you are unable to do so, look in the garage, a storage room, a utility room, the basement or another similar out-of-the-way area. You should also find the water valve in case of a water emergency, especially if your home has sat empty for a while.

Child-Proof and Pet-Proof

If you have children or pets or both, you should look for hazards in your new home. Chances are you were comfortable with your old home and how it worked out for safety, but your children and pets will be in a new environment with new curiosities and new places to explore. Be sure you child-proof and pet-proof the entire home and yard so you don’t end up with injuries or another negative situation.