4 Handy Tools To Own

You never know when something around the house is going to break, or if you will desire to improve your home, so it is a good idea to keep a few tools on hand to help fix the appliance or piece of furniture in question. Here are four useful tools to have around the house.

  1. Hammers

Be sure to pick up and hold a few different varieties of this multi-purpose tool to ensure you get one whose weight and grip feel comfortable to you. Hammers can be used to insert or pull out nails, assemble furniture and shape metal, among other things. Three specific types of hammers, all designed for different purposes, include the claw hammer, the club hammer and the ball-peen hammer. Hammers are an all-around useful tool to have along with econo check precision measurement tools Tulsa OK.

  1. Screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers with a wide variety of sizes should include the two most common styles, the flathead and the phillips head. In addition to tightening screws, screwdrivers are helpful for opening tins, prying doors open and scraping putty off windows.

  1. Saws

Six types of saws include bow, coping, toolbox, jig, circular and miter. All of these varieties are useful for different sorts of carpentry jobs. For example, the miter saw is good for cutting corners as they come fitted with 45- and 90-degree cutting guides. A toolbox saw is a small saw with versions that can cut through plastic, wood and non-ferrous metals.

  1. Nails and Screws

Keeping a selection of nails and screws of varying sizes on hand is helpful when completing home improvement projects, such as hanging pictures and curtains or putting furniture together. These may be purchased individually or in a set.

Make sure you have high-quality versions of these four tools for your next project around the house.