4 Roofing Options To Consider

When installing a roof, there are many different material options available for homeowners to choose from. From classic asphalt composite shingles to visually appealing clay tiles, the types and quality of roof materials have many factors that should be considered before installation.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The most popular roofing material in America is asphalt composite shingle roofing. Fiberglass serves as the base in this shingle type and is topped off with mineral granules and asphalt. This durable shingle roof Los Alamos NM generally comes with a great warranty and is durable in all climates, as the material allows for expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures.

Metal Roof – Standing Seam

Another popular roofing option is a standing seam metal roof. In this type of roofing, steel panels interlock through raised seams to properly repel rain and snow. Metal roofs are becoming quite popular in regions with extreme elements like snow and wildfire, as their capacity to withstand natural disasters far exceeds other roof types. A metal roof of this type easily lasts half a century or more.

Wood Shingles

Individual wood shingles add a unique look to a house that is unlike any other type of roofing. While not as durable or long-lasting as asphalt shingles or a metal roof, wooden shingle planks add a look of luxury to many vacation homes in the United States. If weather conditions are humid, wooden shingles are not a good choice for a homeowner, as wooden shingles will deteriorate much more quickly in damp climates.

Clay Tiled Roofing

Clay tiled roofs are made out of earthen materials and have a reddish hue. This shingle type is often used in the Southwest region of the US. Tiles can be glazed or fired and stand up well in very hot climates, giving decades upon decades of life to a roof.

While adding a new roof isn’t perhaps as exciting as a kitchen makeover, a new roof will keep the home value stable. It is an essential piece to home maintenance that will protect the framing and interior of the house from water damage.