Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

If you are ready to start planning your outdoor living space, you may be considering what hardscapes, such as patios, decks or pools, you want to include. If you are debating between decks or concrete or paver patios, consider the following benefits of concrete patios.


Decks and paver patios take time to install. They require multiple steps and parts that have to be installed just right. For example, to install a paver patio, you have to dig out the ground, add a layer of rock and a layer of sand, and finally level everything before adding pavers; the process is extensive and time-consuming. A concrete patio, however, can be poured with little preparation. After the concrete cures, you are ready to start using your new patio. Installation benefits alone may encourage you to search for “concrete patio installation Shreveport,” but concrete patios have other benefits as well.

Design Variety

Unlike pavers, which have to be cut and adjusted to fit curves or go around other landscaping features, concrete can be poured into the exact shape you need. In addition, concrete can be stamped or dyed to change its appearance. For example, you can have concrete that looks similar to expensive marble, or you could dye it to contrast your landscaping plants. You can even add textures to your patio.


Not only is concrete less expensive to install than wooden decks and stone pavers, but it is easily maintained. As long as it is poured properly and allowed to cure completely, your concrete patio will last decades with minimal maintenance. You can also clean it with a power sprayer, a leaf blower or just a hose and broom.

Value Added

Because concrete looks great and is durable and easy to maintain, it adds value to your property. Concrete hardscapes increase your curb appeal and are key features many prospective home buyers look for before purchasing a home.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor space at a low cost, consider working with a concrete contractor and creating an attractive, useful concrete patio.