Do Landscape Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Your weekends are spent keeping your home looking beautiful inside and outside. It is hard work that you should appreciate, such as mowing the lawn, trimming trees and hedges, leaf blowing, leaf-eating, and weed-eating. Landscape lighting can be a wonderful way to showcase your home, deter criminals and help family and friends find their way back to it after the sun sets. Is it sustainable? What additional cost will this add to my electricity bill?

Are Landscape Lighting and Environment Friendly?

Modern landscape lighting systems use LED bulbs. These bulbs are approximately 15% more efficient than the older halogen and incandescent bulbs. This means you can use less electricity to run LED bulbs. It’s a win-win situation! LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs and require less maintenance. Furthermore, solar-powered garden lights are now an option for more environmentally-focused landscapers.

What is the Monthly Cost to Use LED Landscape Lighting?

The unit of electricity consumption is the kilowatt-hours. The national average cost of a kWh in 2018 was 12.89 cents. That’s 5 hours per day if you run your Connecticut landscape lighting from dawn to midnight. This doesn’t include daylight savings or weather activating dark sensors. However, we will assume the worst case scenario to protect your budget.

20 lights is the average, medium-sized landscape lighting setup. You will need to run 20 8-watt LEDs for five hours each day, which takes less than 18 kilowatts per month. This will cost you below $5 per month. This is even after you add replacements, overages and more! Incandescent and halogen bulbs can be much more expensive, at around $20-$25 per monthly.

Although outdoor-specific bulbs use more energy than indoor bulbs, LED bulbs will still cost you less than halogens and other options.

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