Great Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Everyone loves a well-lit bathroom and it is arguably the most important place in the house to have good lighting. However, choosing bathroom lighting will require above average knowledge of different lighting layouts. This will allow the lighting to not only provide functionality, but also to compliment and accentuate different aesthetics within the bathroom.

Here are some options and tips to help you pick creative and functional lighting choices for your bathroom design.

Styles and materials

Your lighting design will consist of different fixtures for different areas in your bathroom and they will all work together to provide an even distribution of light. In the bathroom sink area, above the mirror, it is recommended to place a vanity lighting fixture or sconce that will increase visibility for someone looking to use the mirror.

The bathtub area is where you can get creative. For example, placing a pendant light or a chandelier that matches your bathroom sinks and mixers can provide an unique and sophisticated feel.

Also, try to maximize natural light as much as you can. Smart design choices will have your bathroom window always facing north, so as to avoid direct sunlight all year and at the same time generate illumination throughout your bathroom.

Fixture placement

You should always place your fixtures where they will be functional, while retaining their style. A sconce mounted too high above a bathroom sink will cast shadows on an individual’s face when they use the mirror. Whereas if it is mounted too low, it can be too bright to look at.

Light direction is also important to consider. Upward-facing lights will provide ambient and soft light, which can be good to emulate daylight. On the other hand, downward-facing light is the go-to option for grooming or putting makeup on.

As mentioned, try to create evenly distributed light across your bathroom, especially in the areas where people need light such as in the shower, bathtub and in the sink areas. Make sure to install your light switches in an easy to access area, avoiding the bathroom taps, mixers and other furniture.

Finally, be sure to get water-rated fixtures for the bathtub and shower head areas, as they will have to withstand direct moisture. If possible, you can match the shower and bathroom mixer finishes to create a uniform look.

Light bulb choices

A well-lit bathroom needs to have a mixture of bright and cozy lighting colours. For example, warm yellow lighting can be pointed at the bathtub, while strong white LEDs at the 4000 to 6000K range are more useful near the bathroom sink area.

Across the entire bathroom you can also look to include a separate main ceiling lighting circuit, around the 2700K range, to replicate natural daylight that will be both pleasing and functional.

When choosing bulbs, remember: The higher the “K’s” (Kelvins) the cooler and whiter the light will appear. Brightness is measured in lumens, and bathrooms will usually require between 100 to 200 lumens per square meter across it, and between 200 to 500 in the mirror and sink areas.