How To Get Rid of Pests in Your Garden

Having a garden can be a lot of fun while also beautifying your property. Studies show that gardening leads to less stress and more feelings of happiness. Unfortunately, many species of insects also enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’re sick and tired of destroyed leaves and flowers, here’s how to get rid of pests in your garden.

Grow Strong Plants

If you’ve had pest problems in the past, be ready for them by growing stronger plants. You can accomplish this by making your soil as healthy as possible. Before you plant, turn the soil once for the season and add rich compost, manure or a natural mulch made of leaves or grass clippings.

Call the Professionals

When you have an insect problem that’s beyond your control, it’s best to start by calling pest management Fort Myers to eliminate the problem. Professional pest control know the best way to get rid of grubs, fleas and ticks from your garden quickly and permanently.

Try Kitchen Remedies

You probably have some ingredients in your kitchen that you can sprinkle in your garden to send certain insects packing. For example, both cinnamon and baking soda can be used to combat fungus. Garlic and hot peppers are offensive to most pests, and crushed eggshells may deter damaging slugs.

Plant Flowers That Repel Bugs

Fortunately, there are also many plants you can incorporate into your garden that will also repel insects. If you love herbs, you’re in luck! Mint, thyme, lemongrass and chives are known to discourage mosquitos, slugs and aphids. Beautiful marigolds and petunias are also good at chasing off several species of beetles.

If insects are moving into your garden, take action before anything is destroyed. Keep your soil healthy, plant herbs and for serious problems always call a reputable pest control.