What Landlords Should Explain to Renters About Septic Tanks

If you’re a landlord renting a home with a septic tank, you should thoroughly explain the system to anyone that moves in. People renting in the country are sometimes unfamiliar with septic systems. To avoid costly problems, here are four things to explain to your tenants about a septic tank.

Go Easy on Water

Always recommend that renters go easy on water usage. All water in the home ends up in the septic system and using less reduces the risk of a malfunction. You should already have high-efficiency toilets and shower heads installed. Also, ask them to keep laundry loads small, or spaced out over the week.

Never Put Things Down the Drain

Another part of routine septic tank maintenance Cortlandt Manor NY is watching what goes down the drain. Renters should never put grease or food into a drain. This includes not putting things down the toilet, such as baby wipes, paper towels and diapers, or they could cause a clog.

The Location of the Drain Field

A septic drain field is where water sits after it leaves the septic tank and where it purifies. Make your tenants aware of the location of the drain field so they never park on top of it. Also, instruct them to contact you if they ever encounter wet, soggy grass.

Signs of a Problem

As efficient as septic systems are, problems can crop up. Make tenants aware of what warning signs look like. This includes a gurgling drain, bad odors or sewage back-up. Anything like this needs to be addressed immediately.

Have a Conversation

As a landlord, it’s important to realize that not everyone understands the workings of a septic tank. If your renters use water as they would in the city, you could be looking at trouble. Be sure to have this important conversation as soon as they move in.