3 Tips for a Great Bathroom Remodel

When you’re ready to remodel your outdated bathroom, you have lots of decisions to make regarding design and functionality. Some of these are purely a matter of esthetics, but others can have an effect on how your bathroom functions. Here are three innovations to consider including when you upgrade your bathroom.

  1. Larger Drain Pipes

Bathroom drain pipes are typically 1.25-1.5 inches in diameter. When you talk about upgrades with your Fox Valley plumbing company, ask about going with 2-inch diameter drain pipes instead. The cost difference of choosing larger pipes is minimal, but you’ll find great value in how much less likely they are to become clogged.

  1. Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Take advantage of the space between wall studs and recess your medicine cabinet into the wall. This results in a cleaner look to the bathroom walls, as the mirrored face of the cabinet appears to be mounted directly on the wall surface. The added storage of a medicine cabinet is especially appreciated in a small bathroom. In these smaller rooms, keeping the cabinet from sticking out several inches from the wall face also helps the room feel a little more spacious.

  1. High-Tech Toilet

Most modern bathrooms include low-flow toilets that are designed to save water with every flush. This is great for the environment, but now you can choose modern toilets that have extra features to improve your experience when using them. Consider a toilet with a built-in bidet for extra comfort and cleanliness. Small bathrooms can also benefit from toilet models with hidden tanks. The tanks for these toilets are hidden behind the wall surface, so the toilets take up less overall floor space in the bathroom.

Many modern design trends can help you create a bathroom model that feels up-to-date and beautiful. Plenty of them are also useful, providing bathrooms that function better for their users.