3 Important Services a Gutter Company Offers

Most homeowners get complacent about gutter maintenance at their homes. It’s not their fault. People are just more fixated on the obvious things like the yard, driveway, and inside rooms of the home. Keeping up with the little things is important, however, and making a list of things to check each year is a good idea to make sure gutters aren’t overlooked in the years to come. Here are a few things a local gutter service company might be able to help with.

  1. Inspection of Gutter and Fasteners

The gutters on your house have a difficult job. They have to resist wind and rain while sitting in the sun all day long. Gutter companies Milwaukie can perform regular inspections around the roofline. If the gutter gets a leak underneath or behind it, it can cause too much moisture to sit along the roofline and possibly cause rot. The joints, fasteners and straps used to keep the gutter in place and held together over the years may need to be re-aligned or bent back to shape.

  1. Cleaning and De-Clogging of Gutter

Gutters are not designed to carry leaves, bird nests, and other things that can cause clogs. Debris can be spotted pretty easily, but not all of the clogs can be seen from the ground. It’s important to get on a ladder every few months and check all around the home for these less than obvious clogs. A local company can come out and have a look at the gutters for you of that sort of maintenance is not your thing.

  1. Replacing and Repairing Components

If your gutter is getting old or is becoming an eyesore around the house, then it may be time for a total replacement. Your local gutter service is a perfect candidate for this work. They can haul new pipes in and haul the old pipes to the dump.