Keep Your Chimney Clean With These Maintenance Tips

When winter rolls around, cuddling up by a cozy fire with a book sounds delightful. Plus, a roaring fire can heat up your home quickly to save you money on your energy bill. If the chimney is damaged, however, you’ll end up with extra smoke and an increased chance of a house fire. Protect your home by keeping your fireplace and chimney maintained throughout the year.

Regular Chimney Sweeping

It’s important to have a chimney sweep Washington DC come out to clean the soot buildup on the inside of your chimney. There is no set schedule for this to happen because it depends on how often you use your fireplace. Generally, if the soot has built up to a depth of 0.125 inches, it’s time for you to have a professional come out.

Waterproof Your Chimney

To prevent mold and structural damage in your chimney, it’s crucial to check the waterproofing elements on your structure. A chimney can have a waterproof sealant applied around the exterior. It’s also important to make sure the chase cover and crown are in good condition as these prevent water from entering the hole at the top of the chimney where the smoke escapes.

Check For Crumbling

The bricks and mortar used to build your chimney will wear down over time. If you notice crumbling, it’s time to have someone come in and perform tuckpointing. This person will repair the mortar to ensure you have a moisture-free area once again.

Inspect Damper

The damper on your fireplace needs to be functional to allow you to burn a fire safely and prevent excess energy bills. Open dampers are a must when a fire is burning to allow the smoke to exit through the chimney and not into your house. When the fire isn’t burning, it should be closed to prevent drafts.

Having your chimney inspected yearly can help you keep it maintained so it’s always ready to go when the temperature starts to drop.