How to Protect Your Home From a Hurricane

Hurricanes are incredibly powerful forces of nature. They can rip down power lines, uproot trees and destroy buildings. In fact, a hurricane is so powerful that the winds in the center of it can reach up to an incredible 198 miles per hour.

If you live in an area that deals with hurricanes, you need to do what you can to protect your home and family. Not taking hurricanes seriously can make a disaster quickly turn into a catastrophe.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

With winds as fast and as strong as they are in a hurricane, it should come as no surprise that even the smallest item could quickly turn into a deadly weapon. Rocks, tree branches, and other random debris are picked up by the hurricane’s winds and hurtled at your house. Those hurtling missiles can easily break your windows and doors.

Investing in some impact doors West Palm Beach and doors can literally save your life. They’re specially designed to withstand the extreme pressures of outside forces, especially those from a hurricane or tornado. The doors are designed with specialty glass that looks beautiful but is extremely strong.

Prepare Sandbags

Because most doors are only a few inches off the ground, they are the quickest way for even low floodwaters to enter your home. To prevent this, fill sandbags and line them up in front of every door that leads outside. When lining them up, ensure that there are no large gaps that will allow the water through. Additionally, you’ll be even more protected if you can do a couple of layers of sandbags.

Clean Up Your Lawn

During a typical summer, you probably have lawn furniture, gardening tools, or toys for the kids outside. However, all of those things should be stored away when you’re done using them during hurricane season You might think that a heavy table or firepit would be too big to move around in a storm, but you probably don’t want to find out how wrong you were when they come flying through your window.