4 Reasons To Take Your Beach Vacation in the Winter

When you think about going on a beach vacation, you probably imagine a summertime trip. But why not mix it up for a year and go in the winter instead? There are lots of advantages to visiting the beach in the winter months instead of the summer. Here are four reasons why you might fall in love with the idea.

Lower Rental Prices

Those luxurious North Carolina coast rentals you couldn’t afford in July are priced lower in January. Discounts will also abound in town at restaurants and shops because merchants look for ways to attract customers in the offseason.

Quiet Beaches

Warm and sunny days mean crowded, noisy beaches with limited space on the sand. You can easily find a spot in the winter and lots of quiet to go along with it. The water may be cold, but the sun will always keep it warm enough to walk down the shoreline, play a few beach games or stretch out on a large blanket to read an interesting novel.

More Romance

If you want a romantic beach trip for two, winter is the ideal time to go. Not only will you have the beach to yourself, but you can stroll down the quaint streets of the town and wander in and out of all the shops without fighting a crowd of fellow tourists.

Local Experiences

Visiting the beach in the winter allows you to experience the area like a local. Those who live there year-round generally work hard during the summer season and are more relaxed during the cooler months. That means they will share more insider tips about the town with you and invite you to local events, like a Polar Bear Plunge or a fundraiser activity for a local charity.

Once you experience all the advantages of a wintertime beach vacation, you may decide to make it an annual event.