Top Reasons to Use Mulch in Your Yard and Garden

Are you tired of having to water and weed your garden almost constantly? The good news is, there is a simple solution to this issue, just add mulch.

Mulch can be spread around your plants or over the soil. It provides a protective layer. You can purchase mulch at a local store or pay a company for mulch delivery Marietta GA. Regardless of the option you choose, keep reading to learn the top benefits of mulch here.

Organic Matter

When you use a mulch in your soil, it will add organic matter to it. This helps ensure your garden is healthier and more resistant to disease and pests. It will also help you save on pest control.


Adding mulch to your garden provides invaluable slow-release nutrients and prevents the loss of vitamins in plants. Using this will help you save money on fertilizers too.

Retain Moisture

Applying mulch to the ground will help moisture remain in the ground longer. Mulch will effectively prevent evaporation because the soil is shielded from the sun. It can also help reduce cases of water run-off when you water or if it rains. Over time, this will reduce the amount of water you use in your garden and help you save money.

Protects Seedlings

Have you recently planted seeds? If so, you need to ensure they don’t get too much sun. Mulch acts as a mini umbrella to your newly planted seeds.

Using mulch in your yard and garden is something that just makes sense. It provides all the benefits mentioned above and more. Be sure to use a high-quality mulch to ensure that you get the benefits you learned about here and to enjoy a healthy- and nice-looking lawn and garden both now and in the future. Being informed is the best way to make the most of using mulch.