Fun Ways To Use Your Oil Drum

When you hear the word “oil drum”, you may think of an old tank that has seen better days. However, these drums are made to last and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for unique ways to add some style to your home, an old and neglected oil drum can do more than you might expect.


You’ll be amazed at how something as simple as an oil drum can transform into a unique garden planter. You can use your drum to keep your plants watered on hot days. The top of the drum is hollow and can fit between two plants so that each one has access to water.

Aquaponic System

On top of regular gardening, you can also incorporate your oil drum into an aquaponic system. For one, the barrel can be a grow bed for hydroponic plants if it’s filled with water. At the same time, you can raise fish in the water if the drum is big enough. Just keep in mind that if you plan to eat what you’re growing, the container should be food-grade and the water should be clean. Air sentry breathers North Carolina are very effective in keeping contaminants out of an oil drum.

Fire Pit

Another way to use an oil drum is by converting it into a fire pit. The hardest part of this process is removing the bottom end of the drum. If you’re not comfortable with using a torch or saw, the closest welding shop may be able to handle the cutting for you. Once your drum is ready, it’s time to dig a hole and snugly fit the drum inside. Throwing some sand in the base should help with heat control.

Oil drums are proof that old-timey materials can have everlasting value. Instead of getting rid of your oil drum, you should make the best of it.