2 Questions to Ask When Thinking About Building a Pool

Many people love the idea of having a beautiful pool on their own property. However, there is much more that needs to be considered before making an investment in what most would consider a luxury item. In addition to the initial investment, it’s necessary to consider how much it will cost for maintenance and pool repair Sarasota FL. Asking two basic questions will help when someone is deciding whether to move forward with such a project.

  1. What Are the Initial Costs?

In addition to the price of the pool itself, expenses for landscaping, water features and lighting can add up quickly. There may also be local permit fees, as well as design costs to consider. The best way to keep expenditures down is to get a number of bids from several quality contractors. It’s important to consider more than just the estimates provided. The reputation and experience of the pool installer also factor into the costs. Getting the job done right the first time will cost less than hiring the wrong builder.

  1. What Are the Maintenance Fees?

Many pools have state-of-the-art systems to keep the water clean and fresh. Additionally, high-efficiency water circulation systems can lower energy costs and include automated features. The cost for maintaining a modern pool like this can be many hundreds of dollars each month. In some cases, this expense can run into the thousands monthly. If the pool area is well landscaped, a monthly fee for maintaining the grounds will need to be factored in, as well. Other additional features, such as sophisticated lighting and sound systems, will come with regular payments for things like replacement bulbs and fixture cleaning.

While having a pool can be an exciting prospect, it’s important not to focus only on the upside of such an endeavor. Thinking about what it will cost in the long run will help a prospective pool owner make the right decision. Getting satisfying answers to these questions will help in doing so.