2 Things You Absolutely Must Do To Make Your Business Relocation a Success

Relocating your business is an exciting endeavor. However, it has its trials and tribulations. There are many things you should do to prepare for a move, but above all else, you absolutely must do two things: transport your goods and amenities from Point A to Point B and inform people about your relocation.

  1. Start Big, Then Go Small

If you are relocating an entire business, you undoubtedly have a surplus of material goods, office supplies, and appliances to move with you.

Move your largest, heaviest items first. Professionals who operate heavy machinery moving equipment can efficiently and safely move your burdensome fixtures to your new address. After you get the big haul unloaded, focus on installation. This process will be much easier without miscellaneous clutter underfoot.

Next, transport your smaller items to the new building. For this, you will likely need a moving truck, packaging filler, box cutters, heavy-duty packing tape, and plenty of cardboard boxes. If you no longer need the cardboard boxes after you move, donate or recycle them.

  1. Let People Know

There are three main groups you should notify your business relocation.

First, inform your local, state, and federal government about the move. Failure to do so could result in legal trouble, especially if you are not tax compliant or if you require permits to operate your business.

Second, notify your vendors. They do not want to waste their time delivering supplies to your old address, and you do not want to waste money paying for a shipment you will not receive.

Third, let your clients know about the exciting news! A few months before your move, display upbeat signage informing walk-in customers about the upcoming relocation. Update your letterhead and business cards about two weeks ahead of the move. Make sure to post plenty of notices on your website and social media platforms throughout the moving process.

Your business has a bright future waiting for it at its new address. If you prepare early, stay organized, and take it step-by-step, your move will go smoothly.