3 Simple Tips To Prepare a House for Sale Without the Stress

Worried about the impression your house will make when you put it on the market? Follow these three simple tips to give your home a quick update.

  1. Declutter the Inside

The clutter inside a house, including personal items, nick knacks or even piles of papers, have the potential to be a big distraction for prospective buyers. One thing many sellers don’t know is that you not only need to declutter your living areas, but you also need to declutter storage spaces like garages, closets and attics. Throughout the selling process, it’s helpful to put your stuff in safe and secure storage units Frankfort NY to reduce potential distractions and to show buyers that your home has more than enough storage space for all the items they own.

  1. Clean the Inside

Once you’ve taken care of the unnecessary items in your house, you need to give all interior surfaces a thorough cleaning. Focus on your kitchens and bathrooms as these spaces tend to collect and show the most grime. Use baking soda while cleaning – it not only gets surfaces sparkling clean, but it also removes funky odors to keep the whole house smelling fresh.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal gives potential buyers a good reason to stop and take a look at all the great features that your home has to offer. Luckily, you can make your property more attractive on the outside with a few easy renovations. Start by painting the front door an eye-catching color and adding some potted plants around the door to make the entry a focal point. In addition, spend an afternoon removing landscape debris and trimming back bushes and trees. Little cosmetic improvements can make the difference in getting the offer that you want for your property.

Don’t let stress take over when you go to sell your home. Follow these tips and complete the prep work that gives buyers exactly what they want.