3 Ways to Make the Air in Your Home Cleaner

You do a lot to keep your home clean, but are you doing enough to keep the air in your home clean? Failing to address the air quality in your home can make surfaces surprisingly dirty. Furthermore, poor air quality could present a serious health hazard, particularly for people with respiratory conditions or chronic allergies. Here are three ways to keep the air in your house clean.

  1. Clean Your HVAC’s Air Handler

People often overlook the importance of having their air handler cleaned on a regular basis. Even when you use an air filter, an air handler will accumulate a heavy buildup of dust and debris over time. A clogged evaporator coil in your air handler can even cause mold to form. A professional cleaning about once a year will help assure that your air handler is free of unhealthy materials and your HVAC system performs at its best.

  1. Schedule a Service Call to Clean Your Air Ducts

Your HVAC’s air vents will trap a lot of airborne particles over time. Dust and debris in your ductwork can make the air that comes out of your vent smell distinctly unclean. If you need help with ductwork cleaning Yorktown VA, reach out to a service provider that serves residential customers in your area.

  1. Install a UV Air Cleaner

UV lights can eradicate germs and allergens. Consider asking your HVAC service company about a UV system that a technician can install directly onto your HVAC unit.

Even if you go to a lot of trouble to make your home clean, your efforts won’t get noticed by guests if your home smells unclean when they walk in. Pay attention to your home’s air quality to make a positive impression on your guests, create a comfortable living environment, and safeguard your family’s health.