Differences Between Metal Awnings Vs Aluminum Awnings

If you’ve ever found yourself in a difficult position hiding from the rain and searching for your keys, you may have been wishing you had a patio cover or awning on your home. The most common types of awnings for homes are aluminum and metal. Knowing the difference between these two can help guide the installation process. Here are some the differences between metal awnings and aluminum awnings so that you can decide on the best option for your home or business.


Even though aluminum is technically a metal, it’s much lighter than choosing a metal style on. Aluminum is extremely light when compared to a steel awning and as a result it can put less strain on the structure of your building. Aluminum awnings can be mounted on almost any type of exterior material and with minimum bracing.


Steel and metal awnings can often rust and this can present a problem in a humid climate. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and as a result the surface will not weaken in the moist climate. Aluminum awnings can provide years of service with very little maintenance. Metal awnings can rust and they require ongoing treatment of protective paint to resist corrosion.


Having the right finish will guarantee that the aluminum or metal awning can have added protection against rust. There are various finishes available for metal but the powder coats that are available for aluminum can stand up to years of use.


The overall curb appeal of aluminum is much more modern because they can be customized to the look of any type of architecture. For resale value, choosing aluminum can present numerous advantages because it is a more modern material.

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