Do You Need an Agent to Sell Your House?

For many, real estate agents are unwanted middlemen who unnecessarily take a cut from the amount earned from selling a property. Ideally, everyone wants to avoid them. However, if you’re going to sell your property fast, getting the help of agents may be unavoidable. This is particularly true in places like Miami, where the real estate industry is robust but unpredictable.

The internet is a great resource when you want to sell your house without the involvement of agents. However, don’t expect it to be as easy as searching Google with the keyword “sell my house fast Miami,” for example. The listing services and property selling sites you find may not be what you need.

How agents help

Real estate agents are not useless. You might be able to find a buyer for your property without professional help, but you may not get the best price, or it may take you an extremely long time to finally close the deal.

Experienced agents have valuable professional networks to introduce your for-sale home to those who might be looking for a unit to buy. They can match the supply to demand efficiently. They can create multiple attractive listings or online presence for your house, with all the keywords and vital details, to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Sometimes, they may withhold some information (not post everything in the listing) to pique the curiosity of prospective buyers. By doing this, they create an opportunity to interact with the possible purchaser of the property so they can attempt to convince them.

Moreover, real estate agents can provide advice on how to improve the property so that it can fetch the best possible price. They can offer guidance on what needs to be fixed, adjusted, or changed to boost saleability.  Agents have extensive knowledge and experience to know how and when to sell. They can vet inquiries to make sure that only those who are qualified or genuinely interested get to communicate with the owner and schedule a visit. It would be a waste of time to accommodate too many possible buyers when none of them are likely to proceed with the purchase.

When you should sell on your own

Generally, there are only two instances that merit DIY selling. One is when you are not in a hurry to sell the property. If you are willing to wait for the right buyer to come regardless of how long you would have to wait, then there’s no reason to get an agent.

The other instance is when you are selling the property for a very low price, something you shouldn’t be doing. If the price is low, expect a deluge of inquiries and eager purchasers. You don’t have to do anything much to sell the house.

To answer the question posited above, you will most likely need an agent to help you sell your residential property if you want to do it fast, and you want to get the best price for it.