How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

Pool chemistry can change from location to location and the various options that go into maintaining the pool chemistry often come down to the pool pump. There are various options when running your pool pump and it’s likely that you’ll be spending a bit more money to keep it running nonstop. Rather than having this consistent drain on your wallet, there are many people that limit the amount of runtime that their pool pump gets while still maintaining their pool chemistry.

Most experts would recommend running a pool pump at least eight hours every day. The circulation from your pool pump works with a variety of different equipment to make sure that your pool chemistry remains pristine. Stagnant water can quickly attract algae and make sure that your pool plays host to a variety of undesirable conditions.

The pool pump system is responsible for pulling water in from the pool and pushing it back out through the filter. The filter will be responsible for capturing bacteria and a variety of other debris. In order to achieve the best water clarity and the best pool chemistry, you will need to make sure that the turnover rate of the filter system is maintained. This turnover rate ensures that the majority of the water in your pool is going to be filtered throughout the day.

To calculate the filter rate for your pool, you will need to look into the type of equipment that you’re using. Start with the pool pump and the number of gallons per hour that’s being pumped through it. Consider the amount of water that goes through your pump in an eight hour period of time and the total number of gallons inside your pool. If you have a pump that isn’t able to circulate all of the gallons in your pool within an 8 hour period, you may need to run it for longer.

Choosing an energy-efficient pump can also help to cut down on your costs. The latest pool pumps are often designed with timers and with technology on board that can make them much more efficient to run. Consulting with a professional pool installation and maintenance company will help let you know more about the best pool pumps that are used with your pool set up.

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