How To Fix A Leaking Faucet

Do you have a faucet that leaks when you shut off the valve? If so, this is a very common occurrence for most people, but the good news is that is it fixable. Let’s get into the main ways to fix a leaky faucet.

Check The Fixture

Over time, faucet fixtures can wear out and even break over time with use. Some fixtures are cheaply made in order to make them more affordable to consumers, so the lifespan of your hardware mileage may vary. One common thing to go wrong in fixtures is for the o-rings to go bad. O-rings help water to stay where it’s supposed to when the hot and cold levers are shut. O-rings can be replaced by taking the fixture apart and replacing them with new ones to ensure proper sealing is taking place.

Check The Water Lines

Another important thing to check is the actual water lines that connect to the fixture. If these aren’t tight, this can lead to leaking and water damage. In bigger commercial buildings, making sure you have mechanical electrical & plumbing systems for commercial & non-commercial projects consultants work with you is important. This will ensure that you are able to find the larger water supply lines in your building and make sure that water lines are isolated to shut off the pressure to lines that need fixing.

Replace the Fixture

Depending on what is wrong with the faucet fixture, it can be easier to just replace the whole thing instead of replacing small parts. Some fixtures have parts that are hard to find, or the manufacturers stop producing these fixtures altogether. If this happens, or if you don’t know where to find replacement parts, it can make sense to replace the whole fixture. Most hardware stores offer faucet fixtures for affordable prices, so finding a new one shouldn’t be too hard.