Landscaping for a Purpose

Landscaping adds character to your property. It is an investment, and many people invest for the sole purpose of improving their curb appeal. However, landscaping can do more than just beautify your property.

Protect Your View

If you have a view of a lake, mountains or a skyline, you don’t want your landscaping to block your view. Therefore, you may choose plants for landscaping mountain view, such as lower shrubs and trees that can be planted on the edges to accentuate the view. You should also position additional structures, such as garages, sheds and gazebos, off to the side to maintain your view.

Wind Break

You can create natural windbreaks using plants. These plants create a highly-effective wall that filters the wind so your property is protected. You can plant trees and shrubs at various sizes to create a dense living hedge that will break 25-60% of your property’s wind.

In addition, you may use windscreens, such as plexiglass barriers, to further block the wind. However, the cost of man-made windscreens can be high.

At the Water’s Edge

Landscaping near rivers or other bodies of water can be challenging. First, you should understand your soil formation and composition. Soil composition affects its texture, structure and how fertile it is. You should also understand how the water moves in your area and how your land drains. You don’t want to pollute waterways with fertilizers or other chemicals. Erosion can also be a concern in these areas, so consider adding erosion-preventing plants and hardscapes to your landscape plan.


If you are living in a neighborhood where the houses are close together, you may want to invest in landscaping that promotes privacy. Although fencing can always be installed, consider using natural screens as well. For example, you can plant evergreen trees or climbing vines between the houses to block window views. Shrubs and bushes can also be used to block the neighbors when you are outside enjoying your yard.

Purposeful landscaping investments pay for themselves over and over. Work with a landscaper who understands your needs.