Pros and cons of an open-plan kitchen designs

The open-plan kitchen has become very popular recently, especially in newly built homes. This is not a new concept, only that it has been getting a lot of attention lately. However, there is a growing debate between those who would go for an open kitchen and those who would not even think about it. There are so many open kitchen designs that you can choose from should you choose to go for it having an opportunity to chat with your friends while cooking is a sure way of ensuring that you don’t miss out on some of the thrilling stories and latest news.

However, before transforming your kitchen into an open one, you should get acquainted with some of the pros and cons of these types of kitchens so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Ease of interaction 

It gives you a chance to interact with your friends and take part in conversations while cooking. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest. You can be making the final touches on a meal in the kitchen while engaging your guests.

Extra glow 

Walls may hinder light penetration and distribution in the house. Having an open kitchen is essential to allow equal distribution of light in the place and enable you to cook with some extra space.

Ease access for serving and clearing 

It is easier to serve and clear the table during and after meals. It gives fewer spaces for accidents since the plates are in transit. You will not be bumping into walls or items on your way to the kitchen because there is enough lighting and free space to move with ease.

Creates space 

The house will look more prominent with an open kitchen. Even when the square footage is tight, an open kitchen can be bright, well ventilated, and light.

Monitoring children’s activities in the house 

It is much easier to keep an eye on toddlers playing around in the house. Instead of moving from one room to another, it is much easier to monitor them from the kitchen. They can be playing or watching their favorite TV programs while you continue cooking or tidying.

The kitchen needs to look like an extension of a living room where you can relax; thus, it should be seamless and clutter-free. The appliances and cutleries should be concealed when they are not in use.

There are many advantages of having an open kitchen, but there are also some disadvantages of it. These include;

It involves a big construction job.

Creating an open kitchen involves a lot of work, especially when you are starting from scratch. As a result of a lot of structural work, it may be costly to build one and take a lot of time.

Lack of privacy 

If you like losing yourself or getting busy in the kitchen, an open concept kitchen is not for you. This is because you might get distracted by activities in the living room or other distractions. Sometimes you may want to try new recipes, and you may not have much space for yourself, especially when you have guests around. Sometimes the dirty dishes and the smell can be embarrassing when you are with guests, especially because you cannot close the door or open the windows.

Uncontrolled heat 

Cooking appliances such as ovens and other scorching surfaces produce uncontrollable heat, which can create an unbearable environment for your guests or family in the living room. Even though the HVAC can regulate the temperature, it would be best to reduce energy costs by controlling some bit of it yourself. Moreover, some houses lack HVAC and no other air conditioning system.

With all the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen, you can make a decision next time you think of building or remodeling your house. You can also contact remodeling experts on the cost and the available designs.