The Importance of Interior Design

Give it a quick thought and you might write off interior design thinking it isn’t important or impactful. However, the truth is that interior design affects your life in more ways than you might imagine. Think about the store that you can’t help but visit when you are in the area. Or the restaurant where you can’t resist but to order an extra appetizer. Interior design is at play in these spaces and so many more, amplifying your experience and improving the space.

How does interior design do so much? Below are a few of the reasons why interior design is important. Read on, and you’ll realize how much design has been affecting your everyday life.

Interior Design—Making Your Space Better

The importance of interior design cannot be missed. Taking your office from a room with a desk to a space that makes you more focused and efficient. Getting a good night’s rest because your bedroom is relaxing as opposed to stimulating. These adjustments are evidence of good interior design. At its core, the very purpose of interior design is to make a space more functional and improve the way a space does its job.

A well-designed space doesn’t just look good, it feels good, and it functions well. Great design goes beyond the furniture and strives to make everything in a room serve a function.

The Psychology of Interior Design

Color has the power to affect our mood. Savvy interior designers are fascinated by the psychology of color and understand the power of color and use it thoughtfully in their designs. Next time you visit your favorite restaurant, gym, or store, take notice to the colors around you. You might notice that at your local fast food joint, there is a lot of bright reds, yellows, and oranges. Those colors are thought to stimulate the appetite so they are often used in restaurant settings.

Conversely, while you are at your local yoga studio, you are more likely to notice blues and greens along the walls. These colors are associated with calming effects. Translating this color psychology to your own space is key to creating a purposeful and uplifting space.

Your Design Reflects You

What do others learn about you from your space? This is something that interior designers understand about their art. The way a space is decorated shows your personality. Simply put, interior design provides a soul to a space. First-time visitors learn a lot about a person from the message a space sends. Think about what you’ve learned about others from their spaces?

No matter whether it is your living space or your business, the interior design conveys information about you and/or your business. Interior design services carefully consider how your design affects the message you send and aim to give the good qualities tangible form in the space.

Design Maximizes Your Space

Ever been in a kitchen that just doesn’t make sense, or the office that confusing and not functional? Working with an interior designer is a great way to get the most out of your space. These experts in their field know how to make your space flow easily so that you can use your space to its fullest capabilities.

Not only will your space be optimized, but it will be custom for your lifestyle and needs. We all know that the lifestyle of a newlywed couple isn’t the same as a family of five. Each of these cases require different design elements and choices that make the space best suited to your needs.

Leave it to the Professionals

Interior design is an art and a science. Beyond the décor and the furniture, the design as a whole gets to the heart of the space—making it more pleasant, functional, and livable. That’s why I leave interior design to the professionals at Kern & Co. who know how to expertly put together a room with form, function, and feeling in mind.