The Most Successful Quartz Countertops Usages

A kitchen counter is certainly not an everyday purchase. In general, it is rare to change it more than once in a ten-year period. Choosing a quartz kitchen countertop from Granite Selection is not only an aesthetic choice, but also healthy and sturdy. This investment of Stone Countertops will not disappoint you; this is probably the best value for money currently on the market.

The characteristics of a quartz countertop

Quartz has many characteristics that are very useful for making kitchen or bathroom counters. Indeed, being one of the most robust materials on Earth, it will certainly be able to survive the daily grind of your family. In addition, unless there is a strong shock, there is little risk of it cracking.

Since quartz slabs are obtained through a mixture of rock crystals and a resin, the surface of the countertops is very smooth and non-porous. Even with red wine or grease damage, quartz is very difficult to stain. Just a quick clean up and the counter will stay in good condition for many years to come. You then obtain a very hygienic work surface where the proliferation of bacteria is rare. In addition, quartz is difficult to scratch.

The different models

As mentioned above, quartz is a factory engineered stone. The wide choice of colors and textures of the tiles comes from its manufacturing process.

In addition to quartz crystals, the mixtures regularly present residues of marble and granite as well as recycled industrial wastes of mirrors, glass, ceramics and silica. To change the color, the manufacturer adds color pigments to the resin. The possibilities are almost endless. You are sure to find the right quartz countertop for you. Whether your kitchen has a classic, modern, country or minimalist style, this material goes wonderfully with the decor.

When renovating your kitchen, take the time to learn about the different types of countertops available. Quartz is certainly likely to be the best value you will find on the market.