Transform Your Bathroom From Blah to Spa

Total bathroom remodels are popular on home improvement television shows and design blogs. Designers often gut a home’s current bathroom and find a way to carve out additional space for a lavish ensuite that rivals the look of most spas. But if a total remodel isn’t an option for you right now, there are smaller changes you can make to upgrade your space. Incorporating any or all of these ideas will help transform your bathroom from blah to spa!

Steam Shower

Smart technology has revolutionized showers. For the ultimate spa experience, build your own steam room customized to fit in the space where your current shower is located. There are a variety of options available to surround this new space with whatever relaxes you. A smart shower head lets you choose from multiple experiences like classic, rain-head or total body spray. Add speakers to enjoy whatever music fits your current mood. Chromotherapy lighting options give the choice between soothing or lively color schemes to start or end your day. Finish the steam room off with a wide seat for those times you want to just lean back and relax.


An easy change to convert your cabinets to spa level is a coat of paint in a relaxing color such as white or grey. If your budget allows for a replacement, select new cabinets with temperature-controlled drawers for keeping towels toasty warm or your favorite lotions and skincare products chilled. Add some open shelving to display rolled up towels or baskets full of spa amenities. Place a few candles of your favorite scents on the countertop. Cap off your cabinets with a new mirror equipped with a defogger and built-in adjustable LED lights on the frame.


Plants thrive in the humid environment of a bathroom. They also are pleasant to look at, produce oxygen and filter toxins in indoor spaces. Homes with no pets can choose Philodendron, Spider Plants and Peace Lilies, while Bamboo Palms, Boston Ferns and Gerber Daisies are safe for pet owners.  


Finish off your new spa bathroom with thick, luxurious Pima cotton towels made with lengthy fibers for extra softness. Choose a soothing color shade from nature like seafoam green, morning sky blue or winter white.

Adding all or one of these design ideas will help transform your bathroom into a spa experience. Throw in a spa robe and slippers and you just might forget you’re at home.