3 Types of Gutters for a Customized Runoff Management System

Every home needs a system for rainwater runoff management Temecula CA, but maybe the one you have doesn’t really fit your style. Are all rain gutters created equal? Do you just have to try and look past the gutters when appreciating the architecture of your house? In fact, there are many styles of downspouts and leader heads that you can choose from to match the overall look of your home. It is possible to combine function and fashion.

1. Sectional or Seamless

An assessment of your property will help to determine whether you need sectional or seamless gutters. Typically, seamless gutters are preferable because they require less maintenance, which is appealing for most homeowners. However, certain architecture styles require sectional gutters, either partially or completely.

2. K-Style

A K-style gutter is a common choice for homeowners. It is a durable and stylish option available in numerous materials and sizes. This type of gutter also holds more water which helps to protect your home from heavy rain and resists forces that could cause other gutters to bend under force.

3. Half-Round

If you own an older home, you may be more interested in a half-round style gutter. As this type was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century, it is more common to see this style in older homes. The half-round style is available in a range of materials and colors.

In addition to style, you want your rain gutters to do their job—protect your house from excess water. You could choose to have your gutters divert water to a specific location, such as into a cistern. You can add leaf screens to prevent debris from clogging your gutters, or rain chains that are not only serviceable but pretty as well.

You don’t have to settle for the rain gutters that came on your house. You can customize a runoff management system that is stylish and functional.