4 Advantages of Home Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting perfectly placed around a home can make your property look warm and inviting. When you think about it, you spend a lot of money to make the outside of your house look attractive, so why not show it off after dark, too? Here are four ways to make exterior lighting work to your advantage.

Your Landscaping Will Glow

If you’ve created lovely gardens and intricate landscaping, a touch of lighting will make it glow after dark. By selecting the right types of exterior lighting Overland Park, you can highlight flowers, bushes and line walkways. You can also install lights behind bushes, creating a dramatic silhouette effect.

It Extends Your Time Outside

Summer flies by so fast and before you know it, those long, sunlit nights are gone. With exterior lighting, you can extend outside fun well into the evening. Exterior lighting allows you to linger a little longer at the picnic table or while playing outside with the kids.

Lighting Makes Your Yard Safer

A dark yard can be a dangerous one, so illuminating the exterior of your home is a smart idea. Hanging lights above your front door, installing lampposts and putting up sconces are all excellent additions. Using spotlights to brighten dark corners is also helpful anywhere around the perimeter of the home.

You Can Accent Special Pieces

If you have something special you’d like to accent, such as columns, a statue or a wall ornament, use lighting to show it off. You can accomplish this look with one light pointing up, aiming down or a combination of both.

Lighting Is the Ultimate Finishing Touch

After your property has been beautifully landscaped, it’s not quite finished until you add sparkling exterior lights. The addition of carefully placed garden lights, spotlights and hanging lamps will give your home a welcoming glow, as well as make it safe.