Designing a Backyard Koi Pond

Many people find a backyard koi pond to be a beautiful and relaxing retreat from the rest of the busy world. They don’t require large amounts of maintenance, but some up front design and proper care after installation can keep your koi pond looking healthy and new for a long time. Here are some things to think about as you plan your koi pond.


For each koi in your pond you will need approximately 200 gallons of water. Consider how much space you have and how many fish you’d like to keep. If you build your pond roughly 10 feet square and make it 3 feet deep, you’ll have enough space for about 10 koi. The depth of your pond is also important if you live in a climate where the water will freeze during the winter. There needs to be enough water below the ice at the surface to support your fish. In addition you’ll need some pond supplies Denver PA to provide moving water to keep at least a small area of the surface unfrozen.


Once you’ve invested in koi for your pond, you’ll want to protect them. They can be quite attractive to neighborhood cats, raccoons, and birds. Various types of repellants exist to scare predators away, including motion activated water sprays. Nets and fencing can also help keep some predators away.


Plants can keep your koi pond looking beautiful, whether they’re planted around the perimeter of your pond, or are growing in the water. Koi will eat many water plants, but providing them with ample fish food should help keep your plants safe. Consider the amount and quality of light your pond location gets when choosing plants to incorporate in your design.

A well designed koi pond can be a valuable addition to a backyard living space. The are a calming feast for the senses and provide a great place to relax without having to leave home.