Electronic Locks Vs Mechanical Locks

Let’s have a fair comparison!

The security trends are continuously changing these days. Thanks to the latest technology, we have found new ways to protect our assets. Modern electronic devices have replaced the standard mechanical devices, but are these electronic devices more secure and reliable? In this post, TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH has shared a comparison of these two locking systems to help people to decide the best option for their needs. Whatever lock you choose finally, it is immaterial.

Electronic Locks with their Pros and Cons:

Electronic locks are a gift of modern technology that is best to perform business security operations. These locks need electricity via a battery to function. In case of losing power, it is not possible to open the lock temporarily. To choose the best electronic lock option, you may need professional assistance. These are few cons of electronic locks, but in comparison to it on the other side the electronic locks provide maximum benefits such as:

  • These locks have increased lock combinations that add more security as compare to mechanical locks.
  • Electronic locks are also available with the weather-resistant options, hourly access monitoring, and record a log of people accessed with time.
  • Easy to access, add, or change the combinations with the ability to operate in the dark.
  • These locks can integrate additional hardware like surveillance camera and intercoms.

Mechanical Locks with their Pros and Cons:

History of mechanical locks extended over hundreds of years, and these are durable solutions for simple security needs. These locks are mechanically operated and need no batteries or electricity. Its cons include stagnant technology with no revolutionary changes according to modern security demands. In case of any malfunctioning, you need professional help. Unauthorized key duplication is another major con that you can’t get aware of it. These locks cannot provide audit about the access of people. In case of key loss, you have to bear the expense of every lock change that the key could access. The pros of mechanical locks include:

  • Reliability
  • Available with weatherproof solutions also
  • Need no training to open or close these locks and also require no electricity.


Both the mechanical and electronic lock systems have their benefits and drawbacks. For business security and keeping commercial buildings secure improved safety of electronic locks is the most suitable option. With the help of professionals like TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH, business owners can migrate from mechanical to electronic access control security lock systems.