How To Choose Wallpaper With A Floral Print For An Apartment Interior

The fashion for decorating walls in the house changes every year. There are a huge number of options for decorating wall coverings. Their assortment is constantly growing. There are not many designs now, but the preferences of buyers in favor of wallpaper with a floral print remain unchanged. Since they are versatile and suitable for both the kitchen and the bedroom or living room. However, when choosing such a stick on wallpaper, it is worth remembering some of their features, which are discussed in this article.

What you need to know when choosing floral wallpaper

Don’t break the balance between colorful and simple design elements. When choosing bright wallpaper with flowers, do not add other catchy details, as they will attract attention to themselves. In the case of the choice of neutral wallpaper, on the contrary, it is necessary to add bright elements in order for the room to become more lively and colorful.

  • Remember the size of the picture. In small rooms, it is recommended to use wallpaper with small elements of the pattern, since when using large rooms, the space will visually become noticeably smaller.
  • Give preference to harmonious shades. Remember to keep the color balance between furniture and wall cladding. Often, to create a bright element in the decor, floral peel & stick wallpaper with variegated and catchy shades are used. Of course, such a decision will attract attention, but it will not make a good impression. For example, bright purple walls with flowers are unlikely to match red furnishings.
  • Try to follow the style of the interior. Do not forget about a single style when decorating a room. For example, catchy prints work well for modern designs. As for the small and light ones, they will become a decoration in a rustic or old style.

Combining wallpaper

Wallpaper with a floral print can be easily combined, and with the help of the location of the ornament, it is possible to influence the parameters of the room. To visually raise the ceilings, horizontal zoning is used. This effect is obtained by peeling off the upper half of the room with light wallpaper, and the lower one with more saturated ones.

To give an elongated room a square shape, you can peel off long walls with wallpaper with a small pattern, and the remaining ones with a large one. Floral wallpaper can be easily combined with other patterns. For example, blue floral canvases on one wall or part of a wall look great with gray striped wallpaper on another.

The choice of wallpaper color is determined solely by the taste preferences of the owner of the room. But do not forget about the rules that will help give the room a more aesthetic and stylish look.

Features of room decoration

Spring flowers are, one might say, the best option for a bedroom: a combination of delicate shades will make this room airy and cozy. If the ceilings of the room are not very high, you should choose such floral patterns that visually stretch the walls. These can be vertical drawings of not very large sizes.