3 Reasons To Install Lighting Around Your Landscape

When you think of home improvements, outdoor lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, properly planned and placed lights offer a lot of benefits. Here are three reasons to consider adding them to your landscape.

  1. Proper Lighting Improves Safety

There are several ways that exterior lights can help improve a home’s safety. First, a well-lit home deters intruders from approaching. This is because they are more likely to be seen approaching a door or window.

Safety comes in other forms, too. Dark pathways can be a serious fall hazard, especially if they are uneven or have unexpected contours. Adding pathway markers is a great solution. Lights that integrate into stairs and decks are a couple of other ideas to improve outdoor safety and limit falls.

  1. Lighting Makes Your Yard More Useable

More and more households are moving their entertaining and activities outdoors. By incorporating proper lighting, you can actually make more useable space in your yard. Someone who specializes in landscape lighting design St Louis MO can help you find the right combination of fixtures and placement to ensure your family has plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors, even after the sun goes down.

  1. It Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Curb appeal is how others perceive your home as they first approach it. Improving curb appeal is a great way to boost a house’s market value, especially if you are planning to list it soon. Proper outdoor lighting is considered a necessity by many home buyers, largely for the reasons listed above. Without it, your home will look darker, less inviting, and a whole lot less safe than a similar one with good lighting, which translates into a lower listing price and less marketable property.

Taking the time to have proper outdoor lighting installed can help make your home safer, more attractive and useable, and may even help increase its market value. Work with a knowledgeable professional to ensure all safety codes are followed and the design complements your existing landscape and architecture.