Condensing Boiler Myths – Smashed

There are lots of myths surrounding the way that condensing boilers operate, some of which might confuse prospective buyers and put them off making a purchase.

Here are just a few of the most common misconceptions and the reasons that they are provably false when placed under even the smallest amount of scrutiny.

They Are Costly

While condensing boilers might have been more expensive in the past, they have come down in price significantly and are also far more efficient than ever before. They can also help you save money as part of a wider energy-saving strategy at home.

They Are Inefficient

This is another old myth which is no longer relevant, since advances in boiler technology mean that gas-powered modern units do not need to be operating at peak levels to achieve efficiency rates of up to 98 per cent.

They Are Unreliable

Perpetual improvements to the design of condensing boilers and the materials used in their construction have helped to make them significantly more reliable than their earlier counterparts.

Of course, if you are looking to get the most out of any boilers Gloucester based firms like will be a big help, since it is only through thorough servicing and maintenance that you will avoid unexpected issues.

They Are Incompatible with Legacy Set-ups

In the majority of cases, you will find that it is perfectly possible to fit a condensing boiler into a pre-existing heating system, even if the boiler which came before did not use this type of technology.

Of course, it is still wise to check the compatibility of any boiler before you commit, so seek expert advice if you are at all uncertain.

They Emit Harmful Condensate

It has been claimed that the acidity of the output of condensing boilers is a hazard, both for the environment and in terms of what it might do to the building from which it is emitted. Once again this is patently inaccurate, since contemporary systems should offer entirely acceptable pH levels and produce less than a litre of condensate every 60 minutes.

They Are Complicated to Install

An experienced boiler technician should find that a condensing boiler is just as straightforward to integrate into a property as equivalents which are based around other internal designs, which should give you peace of mind.