Three Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Yard

Getting a new puppy for your family is an exciting time for everyone. It’s best to prepare your yard to make it a safe place for them. Here are three tips to make your space puppy-proof.

  1. Fence in Your Entire Yard

Having a secure area for your pet is one of the highest priorities on your list. It would be best if you made sure that a sturdy fence surrounds the yard they will be playing in. Ensure that there are no weak posts or wide spaces that they can get through and that it goes all the way to the ground so they can’t squeeze under. If your fence needs some maintenance or you want to install a new one, a fencing contractor Lake county Il is able to do that for you.

  1. Stay With Them When They’re Outside

New puppies are curious creatures, and that means that everything in your yard is something new to explore. Dogs like to try new things by chewing and digging at plants, decorations and even hoses. When they are still young and unfamiliar with their boundaries, don’t let them out by themselves. Take this time to play with them and teach them what areas they can explore safely. If you don’t want them going potty in the yard, take them for a walk or show them the area where they are supposed to go the bathroom.

  1. Plant Dog-Friendly Plants

Some varieties of flowers are toxic for dogs to ingest. With puppies being as curious as they are, there’s always a possibility that they will eat something they shouldn’t. To prevent this, remove plants such as lily of the valley, foxglove and azalea and replace them with lillacs or cannas. Should you decide to treat your yard with insecticides or fertilizers, look for varieties that are safe around pets.