Tips for Finding a Great Roofing Contractor

Your home is an investment, but it requires maintenance. At some point, most homeowners have to replace their roofs. Finding the right roofing contractor can be stressful, but following a few simple tips can make this process easier.

Referrals and Research

Your first step should be asking friends, family members, peers and neighbors about their roofing experiences. Ask them what contractor they used and if they had any issues. Then, conduct some research. You may also look for manufacturers’ certifications because these designations require roofers to go through specific training.

You can search for local roofing companies, e.g., residential roofing St Charles County MO, to get more information about local contractors. However, you should also do in-depth research on the contractors you find. For example, search their webpages for references, and contact them. Look for online reviews and their Better Business Bureau and local chamber of commerce ratings and outstanding complaints.

First Contact

Your first contact with a roofing company will probably be over the phone. Be observant. Pay attention to how you are treated and any background noise you hear. Select companies that appear well-organized, attentive and have the resources to complete your job within your timeline.

Ask prospective roofing contractors about extended warranties, including whether the manufacturers’ warranties will be applied to the contractors’ work on your roof. Also, discuss the contractors’ licensing and insurance, both liability and workers’ compensation.

Finally, request a quote. Roofing companies should send someone out within a few days to give you a detailed quote.

Follow the Law

Contact your insurance company immediately with any quotes you receive from the insurance company. You are required to pay your insurance deductible; not paying this results in insurance fraud. Also, you need to file your own claim because most states do not allow roofing companies to handle them.

Don’t choose a contractor based solely on price, but also consider their reputations, quality of work, preparedness, warranties, timeliness and safety procedures.