Top 3 Tips for Winterizing Your Home This Year

Cold weather can suddenly appear. One day the leaves are changing to fall colors, and the next, there is snow all over the ground. As your neighbors begin panicking over how unprepared they are for the long winter cold ahead, you can be well prepared by following the helpful hints below.

  1. Check the Roof

Although most people forget about the roof until it develops a leak, it is wise to check it at least twice a year. Call a roofing Roxborough CO company to check for problems in the roofing surface, the chimney, and your eaves. Even a single broken or torn roof tile or shingle can spell big trouble when the snows begin to melt and water gets inside your home.

  1. Manage the Yard

Each year, bitter winter wind storms cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to homes across the United States. Whipping yard objects into your house or dropping a large tree limb onto the roof are just two of the many reasons you should clean your yard. Cut back trees, store loose yard objects, and check for wobbly masonry bricks that could dislodge.

  1. Secure the Inside

Your home is not secure against winter cold until your glass panes are sealed and the weather stripping around doors is in place. You should also have your HVAC unit or boiler checked every year, and your thermostat calibrated every two or three years. Also, look for air leaks around pipes, and put new batteries in your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors every fall. Lastly, contact a chimney sweep about cleaning your fireplace before winter sets in so you can enjoy those warm, relaxing nights around the fireplace.

When winter begins and the cold nights have settled around you, be prepared by using these helpful hints. Being prepared early can save you money and let you relax while your neighbors are frantically trying to find someone to help them repair their homes.