3 Things To Consider When Repairing a Ceiling Leak

One day you looked up and saw it: that unsightly, damp stain in the ceiling. You may not have wanted to admit it, but you have a leak up above. What you’re seeing could be larger than first conceived; thus, you should have a professional come in to assess the issue. The origin of the problem should be fixed, but that isn’t all you should do. With the leak contained, consider the following three things.

  1. Tear Out the Ceiling

You likely don’t need to lose all of the ceiling; however, the damaged part is now discolored and contaminated. Moisture from external rain or internal leaks draws microbes into the structure. The discoloration is not just from water stains; it could also be from unwanted organism growth. Leaving it could mean a future hazard.

  1. Repaint the Roof and Walls

When you fix flooding or leaks, you’re tearing out drywall. These areas are then patched once cleaning is finished. Rely on professionals to get it down efficiently and correctly. Search for specialists in roofing Allendale Charter Township MI who can handle the ceiling. This area is hard to paint as it cannot be spot treated. It’s hard to reach and usually requires owners to cover the entire room.

  1. Evaluate Your Belongings

Did any of your other valuables become damp from the leak? When pipes in the ceiling burst or the ceiling caves, the wetness could penetrate your furniture, floor or objects. Porous objects are concerning as they quickly absorb the water. For this reason, you may want to consider getting rid of anything porous and damp.

Nonporous pieces may be cleaned with a bleach solution or soap and water.

Don’t panic when you observe a ceiling leak. With professional assistance, you may be able to fix the problem. Once that is done, focus on underlying concerns such as moisture development and valuable contamination.