Room Temperature Sensors Is Your Best help

In many manufacturing and process industries, temperature as well as temperature regulation of fluids or materials play an important role. Depending on the type of material to be measured, different thermometers or temperature sensors can be used. Blackhawk supply offers the industry a wide range of temperature indicator devices (thermometers), temperature detectors (thermostats) and Room Temperature Sensors (pt100, pt1000 probes or thermocouples), which can be fixed or used as portable instruments.

Temperature monitoring and detection for each application

Constant temperature monitoring and control must be ensured for all sensitive productions. In addition, a rapid reaction time is of great importance when the temperature is exceeded. Above all, thermostats and temperature sensors can be integrated into the circuit concerned. When a previously set temperature threshold is reached or exceeded, these temperature sensors switch with either normally open or closed contact (s), depending on model and design.

This optimally monitors the temperature in a closed circuit and provides protection against overheating via a fast and responsive protection circuit. If precise and accurate temperature monitoring and a corresponding response to extreme temperatures is desired, modern temperature sensors offer a good solution in the professional environment. These offer the advantage that temperatures can be read directly on the digital display, while the set limits can be adjusted with delay and hysteresis. Thus, an exact reaction to temperature changes can be optimally planned.

Measurement of ambient temperature and surfaces

If ambient or surface temperature is to be measured, an IR temperature sensor is typically used. Such a digital temperature measuring device is generally available as a portable measuring device and offers high working comfort and fast performance. The temperature of a surface can be determined by infrared measurement in just a few seconds. This can be of decisive importance in the evaluation of materials and their processing temperatures. Such measuring devices are not only used in heavy industry, but also, among others, in the chemical and food industry