How Your Business Can Make a First Class First Impression

Starting a business takes a lot of money, time and drive. The day your business opens its doors is a proud moment. Your customers and clients should be able to see and feel the commitment that you’ve made. It should show. So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by skipping over the little things, the first impressions that are made when anyone looks into your business.


Judgments are made in the first few seconds a potential customer looks at your website. Whether they are diving deep to see what your business is about or just hopping online to get the address, they will either be impressed or turned off. A business’s website needs to look professional, while also being simple enough for customers to navigate easily. Don’t feel the need to fit every bit of information on the website. You want the website to drive people to call and visit. Make sure the address, phone number and hours are clearly and frequently posted. If a person has to search for this basic information, then it is likely they’ll just try a different website. Before the website launches, enter the address into a navigation app, like Google Maps. This is exactly what a new customer would do, so be sure that the address listed will get them to the correct place. You can also post a picture of the storefront or building so that it is easily recognizable.


Customers should be able to easily find your business and also feel that the location is inviting. Signage and address numbers need to be big and clearly visible from the road. Consider hiring landscaping services Kent to keep your sidewalk, flower beds and parking lot free of debris. Leave the best parking spots reserved for clients. This will show them that they are welcome and appreciated. Consider marking a spot for the employee of the month. This is a great way to show that you care about your employees.

Point of Contact

The first person that a client or customer speaks to is extremely important. They are representing you and the whole organization. Do not entrust phone duty to the lowest-paid employee. People want to speak to someone who is knowledgeable, not just someone who can take down a message. Automated phone systems are the worst and should be avoided at all costs. Having a highly valued receptionist will make everyone who enters the building happier. Receptionists juggle a lot and should be organized, pleasant and value their role.